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Pre-Situational Analysis Consultant for ATLAS Child Labor Project (Argentina) (BB-ED91F)

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* This a summarized version of the SOW. The full SOW can be accessed at:

Winrock International (Winrock) is currently implementing the United States Department of Labor (USDOL)-funded global project Attaining Lasting Change for Better Enforcement of Labor and Criminal Law to Address Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking (ATLAS) aimed at working cooperatively with host governments, providing technical assistance to support a global reduction in child labor, forced labor and human trafficking. The ATLAS project’s objective is tostrengthen the capacity of governments to address child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking in Thailand, and Paraguay, Liberia and Argentina, and it works towards the following three outcomes: 

  • Outcome 1: Strengthened labor and/or criminal legal framework concerning child labor, forced labor, and/or human trafficking 
  • Outcome 2: Improved enforcement of the labor and/or criminal legal framework, specifically related to child labor, forced labor, and/or human trafficking 
  • Outcome 3: Increased coordination among law enforcement and social protection entities to address child labor, forced labor, and/or human trafficking 
  • II. Pre- Situational Analysis Scope:

    A. Objective: Winrock is seeking a consultant, consultancy firm, organization, or a research institution to develop and implement a pre-situational assessment (PSA) for ATLAS in Argentina. The PSA objective is to provide information that will support design of interventions to strengthen the capacity of the government entities combating CL, FL and HT in the garment sector, under Outcomes 2 & 3 of the project. The assessment will include a contextual analysis, enforcement analysis, and coordination analysis as described below.

  • Contextual Analysis: Provide an overview of the existing processes in Argentina to criminalize offenders and compensate victims of CL, FL and HT. Describe the government capacity, structure, resources, plans and programs to address CL, FL and HT. Map stakeholders (government and non-government) that are engaged in the labor and criminal system and process at national and provincial levels. Identify government and other non-government programs that address CL, FL and HT, including victim’s assistance and social protection services.
  • Enforcement Analysis: Identify the challenges that Argentine law enforcement stakeholders face to enforce the legal and criminal legal frameworks in the garment sector. Map the law enforcement stakeholders (such as government entities, labor inspectors, criminal investigators, police, judges, etc.), their role and authority to make decisions in enforcing the law, and their relationship in the case management process of identification, investigation, referral, prosecution and sentencing.
  • Coordination Analysis: Identify and map government and non-government entities engaged in addressing issues of CL, FL and HT in the garment sector in Argentina at national and sub-national level. The coordination analysis should highlight the relationship and roles of law enforcement and social protection entities and how the law enforcement and social protection entities works together to identify, investigate, refer, prosecute and sentence a CL, FL, HT case.
  • All deliverables must be submitted in English .

    B. PSA Key Activities

  • Develop a detailed work plan including the methodology and timeline to implement the PSA;
  • Develop data gathering tools and analysis instruments and an outline for reporting of the gaps, recommendation and results;
  • Identify relevant stakeholders, schedule and meet with them as appropriate to fulfill PSA needs such as planning, coordinating for interviews or focus group discussions.
  • Review, analyze data, synthesize and produce draft report.
  • Attend meetings with LWOB and Winrock to incorporate the legislative assessment into the PSA;
  • Attend weekly meetings with Winrock to report on progress;
  • Facilitate a validation workshop with stakeholders (ideally those participated in interviews/focus groups) to confirm findings and reliability of the information gathers, analyzed and reported.
  • Submit a final PSA report in line with the approved outline for reporting.
  • Finalize the PSA report by addressing modifications suggested by Winrock.
  • C. Consultant Profile

    The principal researcher must fulfill at least the following criteria:

  • Be an Argentine national
  • Demonstrated fluency to read, write and speak in English;
  • Master’s Degree (Doctorate or PhD preferred) in social sciences, international development studies, law, or related field;
  • Extensive knowledge and work experience of labor and criminal legal frameworks, enforcement systems and social protection services on child labor, forced labor and human trafficking preferably within the context of Argentina; Experience in design and management of similar research studies;
  • Knowledge and experience in qualitative data collection, data management and data analysis;
  • Experience in gathering, consolidating and analyzing data, and writing reports with recommendations;
  • Ability to analyze and present data clearly and objectively;
  • Exceptional communication and facilitation skills;
  • Demonstrate ability to manage the available time to meet the PSA deadline.
  • Application Instructions:

    Interested firms/universities should send their CV, cover letter, technical proposal, and cost proposal (in separate attachments) via email to . The technical proposal shall describe the consultant/firm’s relevant experience and capacity to undertake the study. For questions, please write to: Closing date of applications: December 11, 2020.

    * This a summarized version of the SOW. The full SOW can be accessed at:

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