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Sebastian Pallero

Sebastian Pallero

Front End Developer
La Plata, Partido de La Plata


Sobre Sebastian Pallero:

Over the past two and a half years, I have devoted myself to learning frontend, backend, and mobile technologies, with a particular focus on JS, CSS, HTML, and React.js. Not only do I have a passion for creating engaging websites and applications, but I am also enthusiastic about teamwork, where I can showcase my skills on challenging projects and contribute value to the company.

Throughout my learning journey, I have successfully completed several frontend projects using different frameworks, such as React, Angular, Next, and more. These projects encompass various applications, including e-commerce platforms, online course applications, landing pages, SaaS solutions, and mobile applications. Furthermore, I have valuable experience working in teams, as I previously collaborated on a freelance project alongside a UX/UI designer and another developer, delivering e-commerce websites to multiple clients successfully. This experience not only solidified my coding expertise but also provided insights into effectively integrating UX/UI designs into the development process. Additionally, it reinforced the importance of teamwork in achieving successful web development projects.


Front End developer - Freelance 


  • Developed and maintained websites and user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Collaborated with designers and other developers to ensure visually appealing and functional outcomes. 
  • Conducted testing and troubleshooting to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness. 


  • Successfully completed several projects on time and within budget, including a responsive e-commerce website for a local business. 
  • Improved website load time by 30% through optimization of code and use of caching techniques.


Fullstack and Mobile Developer - Coderhouse 2021 Mar - 2023 May

  • Frontend frameworks such as React.js, Next,js, Angular, etc.
  • CSS, SASS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, and UI libraries
  • Typescript
  • Node.js, Express, Pisma, Firebase, MySql
  • Expo and React Native for mobile development

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